Which nylon rod is the most durable

Nylon rod is an important engineering plastic, which can replace the wear-resistant parts of mechanical equipment and copper and alloy as the wear-resistant parts of equipment. It has the characteristics of good toughness, strong wear resistance, oil resistance, earthquake resistance, good tensile and bending strength, small water absorption and good dimensional stability, so it is […]

Synthesis of Polyimide

Polyimide has a wide variety and various forms, and has a variety of ways in synthesis. Therefore, it can be selected according to various application purposes. This synthetic variability is also difficult for other polymers. The synthesis is described as follows: Polyimide is mainly synthesized from binary anhydride and binary amine. Compared with many other […]

Introduction to ceramic peek

Ceramic peek is a special plate for micro precision machining with excellent precision hole machining performance. We adopt special resin synthesis and unique molding technology, which not only makes it easier to cut and improve the hole processing performance, but also greatly reduces the problems of burr and deformation during processing. (pure PEEK) peek-1000 is […]

How much do you know about the structure of POM

Suzhou duotema: Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as acetal resin, polyoxymethylene and polyacetal, is a thermoplastic crystalline polymer, known as “super steel” or “saigang”.   Adding conductive carbon black is a common method for manufacturing conductive POM. The so-called conductive carbon black refers to a kind of carbon black with small particle size, large surface area […]