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Dotmar is one of the professional engineering plastics suppliers in East China.


Dotma engineering plastics is applied to high temperature resistant plastics and plastic bars, plates and pipes in various industries.


Our semiconductor materials not only meet the strict requirements of wafer low pollution processing, but also a low-cost solution.


Dotma agents a wide range of engineering plastics, mainly used in mechanical applications and components of industrial machines.


The high-temperature resistant materials represented by dotmar can meet the design requirements of engineers and designers.


Dotmar's products include a range of materials that can come into contact with food


Our agent, Rolex, works closely with medical device manufacturers to understand the technology, standards and regulatory requirements related to the use of polymers in medical and life science applications.


We constantly recommend and provide a wide range of advanced engineering materials and ordinary engineering materials.

Suzhou Dotmar Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Dotmar Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou Industrial Park, China Free Trade Zone, is a supplier focusing on engineering plastic bars, plates and their technical support and solutions.  

In Dotmar, you can find high-temperature resistant plastics and plastic bars, plates and pipes used in various industries. Optimized sliding performance, wear resistance, high operating temperature, high strength, good dimensional stability and chemical resistance are the prerequisites for replacing traditional materials.  

In Dotmar, you can also find various standard and non-standard plastic precision parts and components to ensure material safety. PIB plate and industrial parts with high temperature resistance and wear resistance are new and advanced products of dotma.





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