High performance plastics for medical use

High performance plastics for medical use

Engineering plastics products for medical and life science applications. Our agent, Rolex, works closely with medical device manufacturers to understand the technology, standards and regulatory requirements related to the use of polymers in medical and life science applications (including medical implant materials).

Medical processable plastics

Medical peek

Medical grade peek is a high-performance material with excellent mechanical properties. It can basically maintain its performance above 100 ℃. Medical grade peek materials have excellent resistance to conventional sterilization methods.

It is specially developed to meet the requirements of medical technology. The material has a wide range of applications, from orthopedic joint reconstruction, trauma to surgical instruments and dentistry.

Medical grade PPSU

PPSU has excellent resistance to common sterilization technologies, especially hot steam sterilization. In addition, the material has good resistance to cleaners and disinfectants. It has a wide range of applications, covering many medical fields, such as joint reconstruction, trauma, spine and so on. It is often used in surgical instruments, tool handles, implant test heads and a large number of sterilized surgical instrument boxes.

Medical POM

Pom-c is resistant to a variety of cleaning and disinfectants and solvents. She can carry out hot steam sterilization through the conventional methods in the medical industry.

The application of this material in the medical industry is very diverse, such as joint reconstruction, trauma, spine and so on. It is especially suitable for confirming the joint size in the replacement of knee, hip and shoulder.

Medical grade Polystone ® P

PP material has high dimensional stability and can be recycled and disinfected repeatedly. It still maintains good stability in contact with chemicals, so it is an ideal material for sterilizing instrument boxes, such as instrument boxes for placing surgical instruments or implants. Its typical applications include surgical instrument boxes and disinfection boxes for storing implants, as well as surgical related equipment and implant test heads.

Orthopaedic trauma internal fixation system

The purpose of orthopaedic trauma treatment is to restore the broken bone to the correct position and orientation. When this process is completed by surgery, a fixation system is used to fix the bone in the correct position. Manufacturers of internal fixation systems need to meet many strict requirements in terms of product function, weight and appearance. At the same time, considering the increasingly tight budget, they also need to pay attention to the overall cost.

Surgical instrument box

The medical industry has strict requirements for instrument boxes used to transport and store surgical instruments, tools, screws and other implants. For example, it is used for simple transportation in the whole sterilization procedure and requires the product to have a long service life. Considering the above requirements, Polystone ® P material (PP) and substason PPSU mg material (PPSU) are ideal solutions.