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Application of plastics
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Plastic material solutions for the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry demands high temperature, high pressure (HTHP), high mechanical strength and chemical resistance materials, suitable for the most extreme environments. Modern technical plastics have a major contribution to make towards improving existing solutions in the oil and gas industry due to state-of-the-art materials that offer a greater range of benefits. 

Current systems in place in the oil and gas sector largely use modern materials such as Vespel (polyimide), TEFLON (PTFE), MC6 and PEEK. The defined electrical properties of these polymers enable specific design of components. Typical applications such as hydrophone housing, seals, valve seats, back-up rings, bushings and gears can benefit from the weight reduction, corrosion resistance, thermal de-coupling and minimised noise emissions provided by these materials. 

HPV-PEEK natural

This compression moulded material is a Victrex® PEEK polymer modified with 10% each of carbon fibre, graphite and PTFE.

PEEK GF30 natural

This glass fibre reinforced material exhibits increased mechanical strength and high rigidity. Furthermore, improved creep strength and dimensional stability are achieved by this glass filled PEEK. 

MCNYLON natural

MCNYLON natual cast nylon offers a combination of good mechanical properties, excellent bearing and wear characteristics, and the large-size capabilities of the casting process.

POM-H Black

POM-C black material exhibits good chemical resistance, high strength, rigidity and hardness as well good sliding and wear properties. Additionally this black acetal can be suitable for direct contact with food and has improved UV protection for outdoor use.

Effective materials for hydrophone housings

In the field of oil and gas exploration, seismic surveys are performed to locate and determine the size of oil and gas pockets. The most common technique used to determine possible deposits is using highly sensitive hydrophones. Hydrophone strings consist of thousands of linked individual hydrophones, encased in lubricant filled tubing. These hydrophones are used to record sound waves that are bounced off the ocean floor, which provide information on rock formations and possible deposits.

Reliable plastics for Electrical Connectors

Throughout the oil and gas production industry, the transportation of electricity is a key factor. This electricity is transmitted using a network of electrical connectors. These electrical connectors are subjected to the aggressive operational environment as well as potentially high pressures and temperatures. 

Withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals

In the oil and gas industry, oil seals are used to prevent dust, dirt, water and any other harmful substances from entering and damaging machinery. Seals are a vital component to help protect various components such as tight-fitting ball, sleeve and roller bearings. It is vital to ensure the most appropriate material is used to produce seals, depending on the environment they will be operating in, as different environments may require materials with different degrees of resistance to chemicals and temperatures.
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