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Medical plastics
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High-Performance Plastics for the medical industry

What Medical Grade means?

With Medical Grade (MG) materials, a product range is at your disposal that has been especially developed with medical technology in mind.
With the raw materials deployed, we utilise plastics and additives which have already been in use in medical-technical applications for many years now. The raw materials are FDA-compliant and free from heavy metals.
Chemical resistance
MG-products possess good chemical resistance to various conventional disinfectants and cleansers.
Sterilisation performance
A great number of our high-performance materials are very easily sterilisable by means of hot steam, ethylene oxide, plasma and gamma rays.
DTMAR offers complete traceability for MG-products – from semi-finished products right up to raw-materials batches.
FDA compatibility
The majority of our high-performance materials meets FDA requirements.Many colours of our MG-products have also been tested for these guidelines being observed.
Hydrolysis resistance
The excellent hydrolysis resistance of our MG-products is indispensable for sterilisability with hot steam – and thus a matter of course.
We offer a wide spectrum of engineering and high performance materials for medical applications. All MT plastics (medical grades) are tested in accordance with ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18 and follow the step-by-step approach stipulated in the standard for biological risk assessment.


PEEK medical grades were specially developed to meet the requirements for materials used in medical technology. The fields of applications are vast, and range from the orthopedic market, with the joint reconstruction and traumatology segments, to surgical instruments, the dental market and many more.


a high performance medical grade plastic with exceptional resistance to common sterilisation techniques, especially hot steam sterilisation. IT used for surgical instruments, tool handles, implant trials including femoral and tibial components for knee, hip, and shoulder replacement processes as well as for a vast number of sterilisation trays and caddies. 


It is resistant to multiple cleaning and disinfectants as well as to a number of solvents. like joint reconstruction, traumatology.MG is particularly suited for use as sizing trials in knee, hip and shoulder replacement procedures and other surgical instruments. 

Polystone® P MG

Röchling 's offer high dimensional stability, especially through repeated sterilisation cycles. Together with it's stability after exposure to chemicals, for surgical instruments or implant caddies.  Applications typically include surgical trays and implant caddies as well as surgical related equipment and implant trials.

Test Implants for Knee Joint Prostheses

Manufacturers of knee endoprostheses are now in a global market for sales and customers. Apart from the actual implant, tools and instruments are of increasing importance. These facilitate handling during the operation, enhance patient safety and may even reduce the follow-up expenses for reprocessing. These instruments include test implants, which sometimes serve to differentiate products from the competitors. 

Orthopaedic fixing systems

The goal of orthopaedic trauma treatment is to restore a broken bone to its correct position and orientation. When this is done by means of surgical intervention, fixing systems are used to secure the bone in the anatomically correct position. Manufacturers of such fixing systems need to meet many and exacting requirements in terms of function, weight and appearance, at the same time as keeping an eye on the overall costs in view of increasingly tight budgets. 

Surgical caddies

Trays and caddies for transporting and storing surgical instruments, as well as those for screws and other implants are subject to stringent requirements such as easy transport through the sterile supply cycle and long product service life. On the basis of these requirements, the materials Polystone® P MG(PP) and USTASON PPSU MG(PPSU) are an optimum solution.
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