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Take advantage of our full service plastic fabrication and machining capabilities to save time and money

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Fabrication & Machining Services

We provide fabrication, machining, and conversion services to our customers nationwide. We understand you need responsive service and superior quality. From precision cutting to complex assembly, we use our in-house capabilities or partner with the best fabrication specialists to provide high quality, consistent plastic parts.

Let us do the legwork! Send us your drawings and specifications. We will manage the entire process closely with our fabrication partners, and then deliver components that meet your critical requirements.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • CNC routing (multiple axis)
  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Thermoforming
  • Vacuum forming
  • Heat and line bending
  • Precision cutting
  • Die cutting
  • Polishing
  • Molding
  • Assembly
  • Prototypes
  • Low or high volume
  • Replacement parts
  • Close tolerances
  • Large and small parts

Solutions for the industry

Material Selection - Expert Advice

We take pride in helping customers overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities. We have plastics experts ready to help you determine the best material options for your application. 

Important - When Specifying Plastic

  • What tolerances and specifications are required for the finished plastic part?
  • Are there any special considerations for chemicals or environmental conditions?
  • Is the finished part going to carry a load or subjected to wear or friction?
  • What service temperatures will the part need to withstand? Intermittent or long term?

CNC milling of clear plastic lettersCost Savings - It's Our Goal

Using our vast network (and 10+ years in the business) we can often reduce costs for our customers. Many times it just doesn't make sense to use separate material and fabrication sources. We can leverage our relationships and do the legwork for you.

Cost saving benefits to consider:

  • Eliminate multiple PO’s
  • Reduce material mark-ups
  • Avoid extra freight bills
  • Limit meeting and coordination time
  • Minimize materials research
  • Decrease supplier vetting

Plastic Fabrication Processes

Plastic parts are manufactured by many different processes.


Custom Cutting

In many cases, purchasing cut-to-size rectangles of plastic sheet can save time and money compared with buying full sheets of material and cutting them in-house. Our CNC panel saws and manual cutting equipment are capable of cutting any type of plastic sheet to the finished sizes you need quickly and efficiently. Any size material, any quantity.

Plastic Part Design

Successful plastic part design includes selecting the right material, manufacturing process, and geometry

Many geometric features such as tight dimensional tolerances and countersunk mounting holes, which are permissible on metal parts, may not be suitable for plastic parts.


Typical manufacturing processes for many plastic materials include:

Machined Parts

CNC routers and CNC mills can quickly and efficiently cut complex shapes from plastic sheet, rod, and tube stock. CNC lathes are used for manufacturing parts that are round in cross section. Sometimes, when components need to maintain and achieve special geometries not possible by using conventional machining techniques, they are manufactured via specialized processes such as gun drilling or centerless grinding.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is an efficient way to cut plastic film and thin plastic sheet into finished parts. Some common plastic materials made into die cut parts include polyester film, polycarbonate film, and HDPE sheet.


Thermoforming consists of softening thermoplastic sheet material using heat and then reshaping it into finished parts. There are many types of thermoforming including bending plastic sheet on a strip heater and molding complex parts via vacuum forming. Tooling costs tend to be low for thermoformed parts since thermoforming tools generally do not have to operate at the high temperatures and pressures associated with injection molding.

Fabrication & Assembly

Plastic components can be assembled in many different ways including adhesive bonding, solvent welding, hot gas welding, and joining via mechanical fasteners. We have experience supplying many different types of fabricated assemblies. Examples include welded polyolefin tanks, subassemblies for machinery, and laminated electrical insulators made from plastic films and tapes.

Molding & Extrusion Processes

Extrusion involves squeezing plastic through a die to make continuous lengths of sheet, rod, tube, or a custom profile. Injection molding involves squeezing plastic into a mold, and then removing the formed part when it has cooled. 
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